PREMIERE – Terr and Daniel Watts – Bring the Future (Queer on Acid Remix) (Clash Lion)

Clash Lion co-founders Terr and Daniel Watts have been collaborating for more than a decade. Terr can do everything from epic dance floor tunes to romantic breakbeats to fresh electro. She has a fruitful relationship with Phantasy Records as well as having released on Correspondant and Hotflush. Meanwhile, Watts was part of the electro duo Digitaria alongside Terr and is now a solo artist with credits on Permanent Vacation and a desire to push himself into new musical realms. This new track is a result of one of their latest jam sessions, refined in both Barcelona and Berlin.

Say the pair, “We love the track’s name, ‘Bring the Future’, meaning that we need the future and we need it now, because the past is not enough anymore, and we need a new way to look and deal with things and people, with more social justice, freedom and love.”

The visceral track has a retro-futuristic feel with electro-vintage aesthetics. The bright bassline reverberates beneath crashing drums as twinkling synths shine up top. A vocoder vocal adds that intergalactic feel and once it all drops, the floor is sure to erupt. Hailing from the Latvian capital city of Riga, electronic brothers in arms Queer On Acid have had an impressive ascendency over the last couple of years that has included releases for Josh Wink’s Ovum Recordings and Shadow Child’s Takeout imprint. Their remix is more techno-leaning and punchy, with elastic bass and rubbery kicks leaning into the solar winds and sweeping you off your feet for a perfectly cosmic acid trip.

Born and raised in Guadeloupe, second remixer Mala Ika is a French artist and one of the founders of the Media Beweird and Label Weirdos Records. She has a fresh indie dance style that shows in this remix. It is an edgy slice of chunky electroclash with pixelated synths, flashes of acid and twisted vocals all making for an intense dance floor vibe. The final original ‘Clairvoyant’ pairs stiff synth sequences with slapping hits to jerk you into action. The deep space pads add a grand scale as clattering percussion brings the energy and tension that keeps a crowd locked.

This is a powerful package of explosive electro inventions.

Release Date: 29/04/2022

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