PREMIERE – Omri Smadar & Nenor – Smolyan (Morning Mix) (Hard Fist)

Hard Fist 17th release is all about fusion of man and machine, connecting traditional singing to the electronic music dance floor attitude. Signed by prolific composer Omri Smadar, the digital EP also includes remixes by French producer Yuksek and Jordanian musician Shadi Khries.

Based in Tel Aviv, Omri Smadar’s life is all about composing and connecting, playing and performing, studying and story-telling. From deep history and complex theory to the dark art of dot joining, the academically trained composer and pianist is neck deep in all aspects of the culture and artform. He worked with Correspondant, Tel Aviv’s Blue Shadow and collaborated with well-known musicians such as Siam and Fortis, and to extensive remixes, edits and remoulds of influential Israeli music, such as debut album ‘Collage’ [Nana Disc 2020]

Phase of Motion EP surrounds the idea of fusing organic-traditional human singing and playing with the electronic music dancefloor attitude. Omri’s work is known for interweaving organic, synthetic and analog. This EP is a perfect example, with its heady vocals and chants going hand in hand with percussion and machine sounds.

Omri places great importance on the common experience the sharing of music creates. That’s why he produced “Phase of Motion” with some of his close friends: Nenor, Roy Shpilman, Shlomo Gronich and Yogev Haruvi.

Release Date: 28/04/2022

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