PREMIERE – Teniente Castillo – All The Way Down feat. Megane (Roe Deers Remix)

Play Pal Music founder Teniente Castillo joins the Roam Recordings family with a new release titled All The Way Down. The EP showcases two deftly crafted low slung psychedelic original offerings characteristic of Teniente Castillo’s style. The release is backed by two Roam alumni. Up first is Roe Deers who takes on the title track and picks up the pace with a bit of otherworldly quirkiness. Rounding out the EP is a powerful remix from Jonathan Kusuma who brings the EP home with a driving hypnotic version.

We are delighted to premiere the Roe Deer’s take on the original redesigning the melody using percussive based synths.

Release Date: 22/05/2020

Grab your copy here

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