PREMIERE – Mogambo – Dishoom (है) (Siamese twins Records)

The Debut “Cobra EP” comes from a new production project “Mogambo” a collaborative brainchild of Sunju Hargun and multi-instrumentalist Jerom Doudet from Thailand and bounded by a shared love of acid electronica, Bollywood movies, and big psychedelic gongs. Delving deep into a highly personal and unique sound cosmos this album covers a wide range of sound textures. Featuring trippy jungle grooves, mesmerizing tribal percussion, countless eccentric effect pedals, and hints to 90’s Goa. This 4 track EP ranges from spacey Asian soundscapes, sweaty basement afterhours journeys to slow-burning hypnotizing grooves slithering.

Our selection from this eclectic EP is “Dishoom”, a straight-up tribalizing and club-ready business. A trippy jungle groove with hints to the golden Goa era. Classic Bollywood movies often used the sound “Dishoom” as an effect to fire a gunshot.

Release Date: 30/06/2020

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