PREMIERE – Tecwaa – Bania (Höga Nord Rekords)

It is a cliché to describe music as a trip or an ocean or whatever but “Tecwaa’s” album “Beyond the Altai” to be released on Höga Nord Rekords, will in part be described as a snowman: the snowman has its characteristic familiar shape. He is cold yet there is something warm and cuddly about him, something that makes you feel happy and safe. The A-side on the album characterizes that warm but cuddly/cosy feeling portrayed by melodies in minor keys but as the album develops, the sound gets harder and darker and the York-based DJ moves closer to his roots with respect to the sound of electro and his passion for Roland-machine knob-turning.

In some ways, “Beyond the Altai” album is a call from the eighties & nineties dancefloors and our premiere track for today “Bania” is a great manifestation of where all his emotions melt together to create his own obstinate and the transformation of his sound from something cold to warm.

Release Date: 27/03/2020

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