PREMIERE – Lewyn Stan – Beauty (Helical Scan)

Mattr aka Matthew Clugston is a producer and DJ from Birmingham living in London. Having put out several of his own parties in his home town, he moved to Berlin to study electronic music before releasing an EP on Faceless Recordings that picked up support from the likes of Amé, Laurent Garnier, Dino Lenny and many more. Berlin was the birthplace of collaboration between “Mattr” and “Lewyn Stan”, which resulted in the birth of their label called “Helical Scan”. For their first release, they used their joint venture platform to release eight fascinating tracks.

As a result of “Lewyn Stan’s” peculiar approach and visceral style of dance and electronic music, our today’s premiere “Beauty” provides a delicate acid-tinged oscillation, revolving percussion and uplifting strings that reverberate with the growling bass tones.

Release Date: 31/03/2020

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