PREMIERE – Stylic – Like This (Keith Forrester Remix) (Paisley Dark Records)

Following the success of Stylic’s debut EP “PoPoPoPom,” he’s back with an exciting follow-up: Remixes. This compilation features talented remixers Cosmikuro, A Space Age Freak Out, Jay-Son, Mindbender, Keith Forrester and Högt I Tak, each bringing their own style to the original tracks. Whether you’re a fan or new to Stylic’s music, there’s something for everyone, from techno to dub and cosmic to chug. Dive into their sonic world and discover fresh sounds on this journey. Remixes continues the success of “PoPoPoPom” and aims to push the boundaries of Stylic’s soundscape. Join himand his remix collaborators on this creative exploration! Available from 16th February on Paisley Dark Records at Bandcamp and all major digital retailers including Beatport, Juno, iTunes and Amazon

Release Date: 16/04/2024