PREMIERE – Panthera – Western Union (Endrik Schroeder Slicing Remix) (Melodize)

Panthera prefers to remain secretive about his identity, but his music has plenty of people talking. It has come out on labels such as Bordello A Parigi, Polaris and Correspondant so far and contains a distinct, synth-heavy, euphoric sound. This is evident from the beginning with ‘Hustle’, a colourful and cosmic cut with rich melodies, occasional vocal touches and shimmering arps. They bring sugary rushes of joy to the mid-tempo nu-disco drums and will douse dance floors in subtle euphoria. Remixing this one is the underground stalwart Lauer, who always brings his retro style to his disco and house on labels such as Permanent Vacation and Running Back. His version is faster and more direct, though still packed with starry melodies and subtle synth motifs that bring it to life. Panthera’s ‘Western Union’ then brings more raw percussion and slapping drums but again takes flight through the cosmos on sleek synth lines with hints of 80s nostalgia. It’s a track that is always on the rise and full of bright, irresistible melodic suspense. Remixer Endrik Schroeder also hails from France and is a fast-rising talent with credits on the taste-making Bordello A Parigi, Ritmo Fatale, and Roam Recordings. He flips the original into a more propulsive and urgent nu-disco weapon with crashing drums and synth loops spiralling around the track as extra melodies fall like stardust to light up the groove. There is real quality as well as plenty of feel-good energy to these four shiny, synth-heavy tracks.

Release Date: 12/04/2024