PREMIERE – Steve Cook – Spacewalk (Loic Minel Remix) (Beat is Murder)

Here on this concrete wall
I am standing
To face my fears
Of you, my love

And right now, this very minute
I can’t think of anything better to do
Than just wash away our sorrows
And go for a ride
On my rainbow rollercoaster

This sweet collab of UK producer Steve Cook (Tsuba / Wonder Stories) and Paris-based remixer Loic Minel (Mange Moi) has been brightening my morning contemplations for a couple of days now, and got me curious about a number of things.
So yesterday, in an effort to have a spirited conversation with Beat Is Murder about the young label’s wildest dreams and future visions, I managed to squeeze out the following information:

It’s a label.
From Marseille.
End Of Story.

With a link:
Dawadandmokic, allegedly two handsome guys making music and running the label.
Go start hitting those follow buttons, people!

Release date – 19/02/18
Text by Kiki Toao