PREMIERE – Rina X Benji – You Are Beautiful (Ya Hala Ya Hala Records)

Ya Hala Ya Hala welcomes new faces to its roster. Israeli duo Rina X Benji makes their debut on the label with a stunning 4 tracks EP showcasing their unique and modern interpretations of dance music – praising the Tel – Avivian electronic music culture.

In the artists’ own words;

You are beautiful is the joy of rolling bass and a mesmerizing flute … creating this track as joyfully as possible because we are all beautiful especially when we are playful.

Lonesomeness we came alone and we will go alone … an attempt to capture a mystical moment of dancing that no one feels and sees.

Letter leather 80’s love story with a vocoder wearing a leather jacket Light melodic and shimmering – spiced with Arabic phrases from classic dance tracks.

Shineme is our interpretation of a percussion extravaganza for connecting sections of our set with a tone that gets set the mood for us accompanied by a bass guitar that gives endless loopy groove we invited the “Flying Spoon” to sing on it but what was left on the track is some Tom Tom like singing and a note for self-love in Spanish.

Release Date: 24/06/2022

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