PREMIERE – Rees – Dream Wave (Bordello A Parigi)

Rees landed on Bordello A Parigi with a bang. His “Three Eyes” track left dancefloors slippy and listeners wanting more. Thankfully, the Middlesborough musician only too glad to comply. Dream Wave collects three tracks that are emblematic of Rees’ enviable ability. A serial cross pollinator, genre lines are blurred before being rewritten. “A Dream Wave” melts rich basslines and muscled percussion with a daringly upbeat counter melody. Kick drums usher in “The New Beat”. Flourishes float above the thump before Rees lets loose. Acid barbs, rave shouts and Eastern echoes coalesce in this unique work. Keeping bodies moving until the very end, Rees delivers “Electric Body”. Guitar strings and incising snares collide with a hypnotic synthline that adopts elements of synth pop and full bodied techno. A record that perfectly illustrates the versatility of this style shifting artist.

Release date: 03/11/2023

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