PREMIERE – Badass Guru & Kessini – Confession (Pretty Much Records)

The Imaginarium is a unique pearl gleaming within the beautiful galaxy of Lithuanian festivals. Super small in size, yet abundant in beauty of all kinds, the festival is – first and foremost – about the joy of the creation process. This is an essential aspect of human growth that is often overlooked during modern-day events. Pretty Much tribe nurtures a culture of support, mutual creation, and skill-sharing. With every third person of the community having learned how to use the DJ decks, it was only natural to take a step forward into music production. This is how five producers were paired with six beginners to go on a unique musical journey together for this compilation of six tracks. Each of them explores the idea of connectedness since the main theme of The Imaginarium VII was about transforming aloneness into oneness. We believe that genuine and meaningful connections are what every human being truly seeks. The question then is: what if some of the energy put into hyping up people with big names was redirected into fostering co-creation? How much is it possible for a person to become more authentic & open up due to the environment? To answer this, Pretty Much tribe has built a utopian village, where everyone is called by their name. An idealistic culture that values sharing over commerce. A space where every individual can bask in the sun of imagination by playing an important part in the collective. Get inspired to give in to oneness by immersing yourself in the ripples of ‘Echoes of The Imaginarium VII’.

Release Date: 02/11/2023

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