PREMIERE – Pin Up Club – The Forever Machine (Bordello a Parigi)

Our good friends the Pin Up Club are back on Bordello with a superb quartet of tracks in the ‘The Forever Machine’ EP. Their familiar sound is imprinted with bold bars, romantic rushes and soundtrack silhouettes all present with new elements being introduced to further develop a truly unique style.

Breathy vocals and melancholy are countered by warm synthlines in the brooding “Valis” before the lonesome “Is There Anybody Out There?” blooms into a daringly bright work of disco dimensions.

Whilst on the flipside of the record the title track burns with quivering chords that rise ever skyward on a column of tight rhythms spiralling ever upward. Finally,  “A Deepness In The Sky” is a perfect illustration of Pin Up Club’s ability to transform burgeoning sombre sounds into tempered elation, rumbling strings and fragile percussion.