PREMIERE – Pigmalião – Baskéda (I Lost my Poncho in Istanbul)

Daniel Lucas aka Pigmaliao is known for his unique combinations of textures, rhythms and strange sounds. For his latest EP on his new label ‘I lost my Poncho in Istanbul’, he used a Moog DFAM & Moog Slimphatty, a Roland TR-09, TR-8S, Yamaha DX-7, DSI Prophet Rev2, Elektron Digitone plus a bunch of sampled records picked up from various locations in Amsterdam.

The result of one such experiment is “Baskeda”, which successfully brings together a robust driving percussion, layers of analogue synthesizers and space out vocals.

This 4 track EP will also be released as a 12’’ Inch EP distributed by Bordello a Parigi on 15th March 2019.

Grab your copy here