PREMIERE – La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard – Murky (Club Bizarre Remix) (Leonizer Records)

Long time close collaborators from radio shows, studio sessions, party series to sound engineering, Berlin-based French producers La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard join forces again to create a slow, dark, muggy and moody track with vocals that encapsulate the queer Berlin club life in a nutshell.

Murky is built on the duality of a playful synth lead, spacious percussions and sound design evoking the reverb bouncing of the high ceilings of the city’s industrial club spaces. Showcasing the wide spectrum of electronic music that they cherish, the remixes are left in the hands of Projekt Gestalten, Kasey Riot and Club Bizarre.

French duo Club Bizarre have been a leading figure over the past decade in the slow bpm / dark disco electronic scene and their remix walks an intoxicating line between warm summery groove and a sinister taunting synth-line.

Release Date – 01/03/19