PREMIERE – Niv Ast & Rina – Staccato Sentimento (Hard Fist)

La Danse #1 is the first digital compilation of a promising series which includes a stream of international producers that “Hard Fist” supports and loves. Following their heart and taste for mixed influences and creed led us towards the formulation this series and La Danse aims to be a tribute to the dance floor by putting together organic works to bring new energy in clubs which can be expressed by words such as warm, smooth, intense and unrestrained.

This compilation series preaches for an uninhibited and extravagant dance and our pick today’s premiere manifests this in its full form with the track “Staccato Sentimento” from two Tel Aviv based producers “Niv Ast” & “Rina”. A cyclic synth that is completely detached from each other and vocal chops that will rule your dance moves.

Release Date: 14/05/2020

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