PREMIERE – Man Power – Torque (Me Me Me)

Man Power’s Me Me Me returns with a simultaneous quadruple EP drop. Not only will this delight fans of the forward thinking label but its been done with a deeper intention and motivation to give back. There is much talk about what is wrong with our scene and how it needs to evolve. However, we believe its important to share and give credit to those already part of this change. We believe such actions that follow the ‘universal law of giving’ give hope for the future,  in which in such difficult times we are all able to ask for personal help without judgement and in response, return that gift to others.

In the words of the man himself…

‘When the whole lockdown started I asked for help in the form of people buying my music on Bandcamp. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who responded and it really provided me with a safety net. Now things have calmed to down to a degree and I’m not worrying as much about how to support my family, so I feel duty bound to repay peoples kindness by trying to help other people who are seeing difficulty right now. To that end I’ve decided to put my entire Man Power release schedule on sale and give all of the profits to charities supporting the workers in the Front Line of the NHS. I put the first four of 8 EPs on sale on Friday May 1st, which means 16 tracks are now available to raise money for people who really to deserve protection right now. The remainder of the EPs will go on sale mid summer’.

Here we feature ‘Torque’ an experimental  hypnotic 7min jam which is sure to melt minds on our long awaited return to the underground.

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