PREMIERE – Nightdrive – Monsters Lair (Too Rough 4 Radio)

Landscapes of dystopian worlds, both emotive and driving, unveil new forms of life here as Nightdrive’s “Miracles” LP travels through the far east regions of house and techno with this 10-track release. As this marks “Rough Cuts 02” for Too Rough 4 Radio, “Miracles” is as much a transcendent force of ethereal tunes as it is effective for any dancefloor. What you’ll uncover across this release from this St. Petersburg based producer is a traversing blend through IDM, Deep House, DnB, and Techno through the lens of lush, atmospheric soundscapes. For today, Late night moods waft through like the FM synth sweeps here on the track “Monster’s Lair.”

This leading cut of the 10-track LP “Miracles” by Nightdrive on Germany’s TR4R label, plays on the balance of deep house melodies with an arpeggiated, Drexcyian-style lead that sets it on course for pure peak time play.

Release Date: 10/08/2020

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