PREMIERE – Nicola Noir – Genero Paradise (Schieff Musik)

Nicola Noir, the Swiss musician and producer drops his second album which portrays the clear message that he intends to send through the title: “World of Noise”. He expresses musically about the noisy world we’re living in and How everybody in this world uses more space as needed. Why do we think we have to be extra loud to be heard? Probably because we’re already surrounded by loudness. That’s how Nicola feels about the current situation of people living on this planet and with his album he aims to do a storytelling of the message with careful selection of sounds from various noisy environments.

Our pick for today’s premiere is “Genero Paradise” which is filled with noisy and industrial sounds that are aesthetically balanced with synchronous FX and melancholic composition. You will dive deep in Nicola’s world while listening to it.

Release Date: 09/04/2020

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