PREMIERE – Nahuel – Balboa (Teniente Castillo Remix)(Playground Records)

Nahuel delivers his second release for Playground Records cementing his own style through a mix of rock and electronic music. These two tracks are two characters ‘ Balboa’ and ‘ Gordon’ , located at the two corners of his musical spectrum.

Balboa takes us to Nahuel’s New Wave influences, a both nostalgic and futuristic feeling. Post-punk and post-nuclear, Balboa is someones who hints to a devastated world, a desert. Whilst Gordon takes us to the night’s peak time. Gordon is a fat guy that steps strong, a man of few words and demolishing attitude, a blend of rocker techno for intense moments.

Teniente Castillo leads the first remix of Balboa, dresses the track with black boots and a leather jacket to make it darker and wilder. The guitar amps light on with maximum distortion to create a dense atmosphere and take us for a ride through the most dangerous suburbs. Pure rock.

With Binda of Club Bizarre closing the EP with a space disco version of Balboa, making us dream about a trip to outer space, around the Earth, with celestial pads as cushions to land perfectly.

Release Date – 06/12/17