PREMIERE – MVDC – Back in the dayz

After four years of much talked about parties featuring the likes of DJ Pierre, Leftfield, Hardfloor and Joey Beltram, amongst others, Memory Box starts its own exciting imprint aimed at keeping the acid house sound alive. It comes from the acclaimed producer and Memory Box head honcho Robin Ball, who is also known for his work as Resonators and his recently re-launched Groovepressure label.

The menacing ‘Acid Stomp’ kicks things off with gurgling 303 lines whipping about above raw, lo-fi beats, followed by ‘Acid Duck’, a deeper, more heady cut, a remix of ‘Sqolch’, a track he made with Neil Tibbetts.

And last of all, ‘Back in the Dayz’ from MVDC already featured on Radio 1 is a top old school affair with chattery claps, loopy sub bass and that raw energy that will be sending many a dance floor into a frenzy.

This is a fantastic start to the new label, and one that promises to be as pivotal as the Memory Box parties themselves.