PREMIERE – K-Effect – Heisenberg (Thomaas Banks Version)

Our love affair with Roam Recordings continues as they hit their 40th release with the No Smoke EP from Spanish production duo K-Effect (aka David Martin and Diego Gomez), showcasing their unique ethereal sound and stylish electronic music.

K-Effect’s new EP for Roam Recordings features two new original productions from the duo. Plus two excellent remixes. The first is from Scottish producer MR BC who also has an excellent range of releases on Logical, Tici-Taci, and Nein, as well as Tunnyl and Sub:Sonic.

The second remix and our pick of the release comes from Thomaas Banks (the darker solo project from Tom Coveney of Psychemagik. Thomaas Banks toughens up this EP with an excellent industrial influenced version of Heisenberg that hits all the right places and hits ‘em hard.