PREMIERE – Murat Uncuoglu – Shadow Play (Isolate)

The best spaces are in between… Between worlds, between genres, between boundaries, between ideas. These are the spaces where ideas are born and new movements happen. These are the spaces Isolate thrive in.

The latest dispatch from the unique Istanbul-based electronic label, this comes fresh from one of the label bosses himself – Murat Uncuoglu. Five tracks deep, each one showcasing a different flavour to the longstanding Turkish techno pioneer, the title track alone is an synth odyssey that’s driven by a wild energy and freeform arrangement we’re all experiencing as we settle into this new post-covid freedom.

We are delighted to premiere ‘Shadow Play’ which brings the EP to epic close with more unruly, spiraling lead lines, occasional mischievous percussive and that feeling that we could go anywhere next…

Release Date: 18/02/2022

Grab your copy here