PREMIERE – Metallic Means – Brachistochrone (ИДА)

ИДА is record label from Moscow that grew up from the local club night bringing one of the most prominent DJs from around the world to the city.

Brachistochrone is taken out of “ИДА008” which is a mini-album by Metallic Means, and the artist’s very first release, titled The Deep Fields. The name comes from Hubble Deep Field, an image made by Hubble Space Telescope in ’95. Metallic Means’ music journey transcends from classical piano and guitar training to hip-hop and dub production to Bonobo- Flying Lotus-inspired electronica. The eclectic background of the artist can be heard in very musical, atmospheric, highly sampled beats, constructed from unusual textures mixed with synths and live instruments. It’s a melancholic with a beat led structure leading us to an abyss.

Release date: 26/03/2019

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