PREMIERE – Megaphonim – Megaphon (Kino Todo Remix) (Unterman)

Notable electronic Hebrew project “Megaphonim” who were well known for their musical ventures in the ’90s are back again with Tel Aviv’s forward-thinking Unterman imprint. After being jailed for 18 months for unclear reasons their music took a course that engraves despair, hope and bits of humour in their sound and vocals. This EP “Sofer Stam” consists of 7 originals and 3 remixes, from the Russian melodic expressionist “Simple symmetry and the Israeli trendsetters “Red axes” and “Kino Todo”.

Our pick for today is the remix from “Kino Todo” who provides a version infused with bouncy and fresh percussions and granting the sharp bass line to do the job of the melody with an ultimate aim to create a dance floor weapon.

Release Date: 03/03/2020

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