PREMIERE – Chinaski & Curses – Forever (Dischi Autunno)

Autunno label is a parallel project from “Correspondant” label boss “Jennifer Cardini” with her partner “Noura Labbani” to focus on rock, indie, ambient and experimental music. With this vision, they have bought two artists who have been pushing these sounds with their dark disco stamp, together: “Curses & Chinaski”.

This resulted in them making their own version of a pop song called “Forever” which is our choice for today’s premiere. The original comes with two remixes, one from the duo from Philly: “Zilla’s”,  giving us a star gazing cosmic groove touched with a humanised rhythm and the second remix is from Chinaski himself which comes along with a dub version to be dropped for the one that loves the late nights and strobe lights.

Release Date: 07/02/2020

Grab your copy here