PREMIERE – Material Witness – Optimized Alignment (Umbrella)

Material Witness is a new experiment in sound from The Umbrella co-founder, Robert Picciotto.

With a catalog of bright and clean groovers under his Blacky II moniker, this collection of shadowy bangers spawned the birth of a new persona. By inverting his perspective, and ruminating on the observation that light has no value without darkness, this debut EP, Point of Light, clawed it’s way out of the dusk.

The entire EP invokes a spiritual journey slowly unraveling through a series of club-certified dancefloor fillers. The record reads like a techno chapter from Thich Nhat Hanh: every movement of your body, a mantra in a deeply personal and profound dance-meditation.

Each of these tracks are equal parts careful harmonic balancing and stripped down analog hardware jam. Listen at home for an introspective journey or bang it in the club for a group rave-meditation.

Track Listing:
1. Point of Light
2. Optimized Alignment
3. Morphic Resonance
4. 3 6 9

Release Date – 30/11/17