PREMIERE – Man2.0 – Deep House 9

Det Sync are back with a joint EP from Bizzeea and Man2.0. Featuring a collaboration on ‘ Concussion’ and a solo track each in epically titled ‘1.2.3. Don’t Whore from Yby to Saturday Trip’ and ‘Deep House 9’.

Deep House 9 from Mark comes off the back of a number of successful EPs and Remixes on Nein, Regith and Flight Recorder amongst others. This track featuring a series of hypnotic beeps holding together tight kicks and claps and disembodied voices from a haunted Nightclub. In the words of the label, a track to help to usher in that 4am existential crisis on the dancefloor before the bassline in the breakdown reminds you to ‘pull yourself together, you are in the middle of a dancefloor you idiot. Just dance.’