PREMIERE – Los Gatos Escobar – Into Me & You (Ali X Rework)

Wonder Stories welcomes talented duo of Los Gatos Escobar with two complementary left-field house tracks ‘Into Me’ and ‘Into You’, encompassing wonky rhythms and hazy, ephemeral melodies.

On remix duties we have Ali X (in photo) formerly of Azari & III, who completely flips the lead tracks, combining both ‘Into Me’ and ‘Into You’ into a drugged out horror soundtrack. Its a winner for us for sure.

About Los Gatos Escobar

Diego Angelico Escobar, who regularly performs as Concret, is a musician, producer and DJ who lives in Mexico City. Matteo Gatti is a New York-based producer and DJ under the moniker Plastic Health. Together, they are Los Gatos Escobar.

Released April 17, 2017 on Wonder Stories