PREMIERE – Los Eclipses – Anaconda (Roe Deers Remix) (Kaputt.wav)

Los Eclipses the new project of Dan Solo and Eva de Marce acquires the perfect balance between the Mexican alternative production style with the French influenced essence of the indie scene. Anaconda, their new release which comes to see the light in the Colombian electronic label Kaputt.wav shakes the floor and rumbles into the club scene.

Spanish vocals which evoques a sense of sensuality and mysticism combined with trance-inducing percussion and synths drives to a dream state dance around the hypnotic Anaconda.

Last but not least, remix duties comes from Lithuanian punk prince Roe Deers which takes this club track even further while also Ubaruh, the Brazilian duo mysterious duo give it a disco twist grooving the baseline and the dance floor.

Release Date: 28/07/2023

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