PREMIERE – Lisbon Kid – At the end of the day ( Justin Robertson Temple of Wonders remix)

Justin Robertson DJ, producer, writer and contemporary artist, gets ready to unveil a piece of art exclusively for Call & Response, an exhibition curated by Lisbon Kid at The Dissenters Gallery in West London, ahead of their album launch party. Justin Robertson’s painting was inspired and created by his rework of, At The End Of The Day the single remix package from Lisbon Kid (aka award winning producers and DJs Rui Da Silva & Danny De Matos) who have become a pioneering force in the world of digital arts. 

International artists have been invited to respond to their chosen tracks from the debut album, and make artworks inspired by those songs. At The End Of The Day, the last single from the Lisbon Kid album will be released on May 5th with a remix package featuring Justin Robertson Temple Of Wonders Remix.   

So sit back and let this track take your senses on a wondrous journey forging organic, synthetic sounds and haunting ethereal vocals.

Call and Response art exhibition will be open to the public and run for 4 days from the launch on 20th April to Sunday 23rd April

Lisbon Kid will be celebrating Record Store Day with their limited edition vinyl album on 22nd April which can be pre-ordered