PREMIERE – Lavion – Space (Ulla Records)

Lavion, French producer and DJ based in Hossegor, makes his debut on Ulla Records with his EP “Decorporation” ! A true old school synthesizers and drum machines aficionado, and a multi-skilled musician with years of solo and band experiences, he has built himself his own synth space station where he can craft his hypnotizing and driving tunes. With this EP, built around the concepts of life, death and the afterlife, he wanted to explore themes that go behind our grasp of reality, such as cosmos, frequencies and energies, traveling endlessly through space and time, and how they’re all linked to our own existences. These meditations take the shape of five Italo, EBM, and Trance infused tracks, finely balancing euphoria and nostalgia, wandering from thrilling and colourful bits to dreamy and melancholic atmospheres.

Release Date: 28/06/2024