PREMIERE – Harrington, Heavy Jo – It’s Not Real (Boots & Legs)

Embark on a captivating sonic journey with French producer Harrington and his collaborator Heavy Jo as they unveil their latest EP, “Body Senses,” blending Italo and Dream House influences into a mesmerising fusion. Drawing inspiration from the iconic sounds of 80s Chicago House, this four-track offering promises to captivate listeners with its nostalgic charm and infectious beats. Kicking off the EP is the irresistible groove of “Body Senses,” a sun-soaked anthem that sets the tone for the euphoric experience ahead. Following closely is “It’s Not Real,” a vibrant homage to Italo Disco, guaranteed to set dancefloors ablaze with its infectious energy. Next in line is “Tribute For Jefferson St,” a composition exuding elegance and dreamy vibes, paying homage to the iconic streets that shaped the landscape of electronic music. And finally, wrapping up the EP is “Movin’ Clash,” a breakbeat sensation characterized by its pulsating synths and dynamic drum patterns, delivering an exhilarating finale to this sonic adventure.

Release Date: 27/06/2024