PREMIERE – ¡La Ruta! (Sean Johnston & Martyn Walsh) – Those who know, know (Days of Being Wild)

La Ruta’s (Sean Johnston & Martyn) musical journey could be traced back to 1989.  Martyn Walsh, the one of half La Ruta, is a bass player and a songwriter of Manchester infamous band Inspiral Carpets and Sean Johnston is no stranger to underground electronic music, at least not as “Hardway bros” who was the DJ partner to the late iconic Andrew Weatherall as “A Love from outer space”.

Pulled back together by the gravitational waves of Weatherall’s untimely demise earlier this year, this is the music of their journey, All that can be said is already been said and now its time for you to listen to our today’s choice for premiere from this eccentric EP “Those who know, know” which will be released in a limited amount by this London based label “About days of being wild”.

Estimated Delivery date: December 2020

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