PREMIERE – Kay-Chi & Marcus Christiansen – Life In A Loop feat. Kally Voo (Club Mackan)

Let’s head back to 83 and then fast forward till today. Now we got Kay-Chi lined up for a brilliant EP. This Greek knows his way around hardware synthesizers. That’s for sure!

One might think that “Back To 83” refers to a specific year when the music was extra good or perhaps some childhood memories. While all of that may be true, what happened in 83 was the introduction of the Roland JX-3P synthesizer. And now you wonder, why is this relevant? Well, obviously because the track was made using that synthesizer, duh!

To make matters even more interesting, we invited another hardware guru to do one of the remixes, Italo Brutalo. And among these two hardware heroes, our label boss Marcus managed to sneak his way into both a remix and a collab, despite being fully digital.

Back To 83 is everything you can expect from a classic italo track. It has a super catchy and playful upbeat melody, a robot voice and a female talking about synthesizers. And there’s a very summery vibe about the whole track.

Marcus’s remix keeps the best of 83 and amplifies it with a bit of modern attitude, and perhaps you could call it some “soundtrack-y” chords too.

If Back To 83 was happy and summery, then “Life In A Loop” missed the exit to the summer resort and just kept going north. This one has a bit more grit, intricate arpeggios and powerful synthesizers. Combine that with poetic vocals from Kally Voo that carry a lot of attitude. Voilà!

In Italo Brutalo’s remix of Life In A Loop, we once again find robot voices!(!!!) Together with his powerful and catchy synth lead, this remix takes more of an anthemic turn. And we love it! And wow, that kick really packs a punch!

Release Date: 31/05/2024