PREMIERE – Ismael Pinkler – Curva Azul (Metamusica)

Thaws, abysses, migrations, oases, earthquakes, displacements, layers, forests. Geografía Mental (Mental Geography) is an abstract journey through new territories and unexplored spaces. Devastated natural paradises, urgent flora that takes advantage of climate change to expand, uninhabitable deserts where there was once a forest, warm waters that melt corals and attract new species. Mental Geography was composed by Ismael Pinkler in a free and labyrinthine way. An extensive process that required pauses and taking distance to be able to observe these complex and absorbing soundscapes from above. The pace of the process and its completion were dictated by the material itself, which in just over half an hour leaves us with the feeling of having traveled thousands of kilometers from the air. Ismael Pinkler (1983) is a musician and producer from Buenos Aires. He released his first solo album almost 20 years ago (2005, before YouTube existed) and after more than a decade dedicated to collaborations with other artists, especially focused on his duo Carisma, this is his first solo album in more than 10 years .

Release Date: 26/05/2024