PREMIERE – Jepe – Night Cruise (Moodmusic Records)

Jepe announces his 2nd album ‘Midnight in Venus’ for Moodmusic with the first single ‘Artur nimmt ein heisses Bad’ with a collaboration with Quattrovalvole, who also delivers the soothing vocals on ‘Arthur…’ As the album takes us on a cosmic journey through the Solar System, Jepe is the captain of the intergalactic spaceship and leaves no one behind If you look for any positive outcome from the past year, Jepe went instead of a lockdown on an imagery interstellar ride. Every night after the boring techno capital went to bed, Jepe took on his helmet and rode the magic carpet out to the stars and played with the keyboard gods til the early morning, before slumbering into a few earned hours sleep before family duties and the new normality kicked in again. Midnight in Venus became what it became of despair, an escape of loneliness and fury. From the first note you can hear there is positivity in the musical DNA of Jepe.

Release Date: 30/07/2021

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