PREMIERE – Cornelius Doctor – Zsa Zsa Dont Cry (Duro)

Muy Duro’ flagship V/A series returns this year with his volumen 6, music from new and old souls around the world. Le Dame Noir’s Arthur Johnson give you the entrance ticket with ’31SPCIAL’, a locomotive ride loaded with a bouncy bass, steady percussions and sharp cymbals that drive you to the peak. It is followed by Cornelius Doctor’s ‘Zsa Zsa Can’t Don’t Cry’, a metallic and playful percussion with a mix of unhinged and liberating synthesizers.

Changing the semblance are ID_UA & Berny with ‘Tutta La Notte’, a broken beat cut. Its hypnotizing synths will make you descend into the deepest and sweltering of the night, the point where you never want to see the sunlight again. Colossio’s ‘Regios’, is the perfect soundtrack to transport you to the multidimensional plane where you don’t know if there will be a return accompanied by wild and nutty gnomes or your entrance to the psychiatric. Guitar and synthesizer riffs that when entering the center of your head hypnotize you, distorting your neurons and reality.

To close the compilation is Alvaro Cabana’s ‘Adventures Under The Dome’, ironically inspired by all the theories that circulate today about the ‘dome’ that covers the flat earth. A mix of sounds that could be defined as Robot Disco and Trippy Bleepy Fun, alluding to the fact that no matter if the earth is round, square or an infinite multidimensional plane, we could choose to go through this life with the intention of not stopping to have adventures and positive experiences.

Release Date: 23/07/2021

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