PREMIERE – Jepe – Boardwalk (Perce)

The first official diplomatic contacts between Portugal, Mexico and Hungary took place when ambassadors of both nations met in Washington D.C.. It can be said that the importance of the European diplomacy of Jepe had grown on account of the identity of Music, which was sensed by the Hungarian foreign policy and it took the necessary steps with SouveQ Remix.

But the position of Colossio during the creation of this emotional organic fueled Remix should not be overestimated, it is merely that the invisible frontline ran along Lisbon, Mexico City and Budapeste where diplomats and music secret agents were the heroes…

On the other hand, it meant the possible channel for Joal approach and exchanging the views between the Souveq club policy and the powers of the Colossio´s heart & soul.

Release Date: 04/02/2021

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