PREMIERE – Emotional Ty – Unborn (EMTY)

About a year after the drop of his latest studio effort ‘Roses and Aliens’ on EMTY, Swedish producer Emotional Ty follows up with a new four-tracker, ‘Purest Blue’ EP, due out for release in the spring. Working in the gap between spaced-out abstraction and no-nonsense floor dynamics, Edgar Ariza has shaped and polished a sound both ethereal and physical, cosmic and down-to-earth. Undoubtedly following that very path he’s forged for himself with previous releases, his newest iteration sweeps the spectrum wide and far, from hypnagogic electronica to acid-infused techno, via Italo-laced house rhythms; all sharing that trademark ability to get your hips shaking and mind teleported to distant dreamlands in a flash.

A most immersive freedive into poetic dub territories, ’Nautical’ opens the ride with a savvy mixture of bouncy sub-bass, elegiac pads and brittle chimes colliding and cascading in an elegant ballet of sorts. A hectic, rawer continuation to the opening cut, ‘Unborn’ roars in all guns blazing, as it pulls out the chiselled drumwork, ankle-twisting breaks and thunderous bass, all adorned with ample synth tapestries for good – epic – measure. Unfolding the more synthy side of Ariza’s compositions, ‘Home’ clearly aims at broader sonic expanses, cutting a path into the unknown with lushly brushed keyboard movements and a high-impact bass pound. Final statement ’Not The Same (Without You)’ featuring Swedish talent EKALIFF takes us for a hypnotic stroll, fusing accordion-like synth tides with muscular subs leading the way to a climactic electro-pop finale.

Release Date: 22/04/2021

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