PREMIERE – Italo Brutalo – Heartware (Bungalo Disco)

A tale of paramount love for machines and the inextinguishable power of subjugation that lies in these button-studded boxes teeming with cabled bowels that feel so intimidating to the uninitiated, Italo Brutalo’s longed-for debut album “Heartware” is a 12-track voyage across 25 years of intense synth collecting, fiddling, composing and endless loving for audio synthesis and the art of how robots make human bodies jack.

Throughout the twelve cuts that compose “Heartware”, a feeling of retro-gazing, candidly playful glee prevails. Looking right in the eye of the era when dazzling flipper visuals and static-filled VHS glitches reigned supreme, Italo Brutalo invites us to witness first-hand his own textbook smorgasbord of fast-wheeling arpeggios and vocodized hoodoo (“Heartware”, “Reach Horizon”), dystopian digital sunsets by the beach (“I Feel Lonely”), early hip-hop-informed whackin’ n’ thumpin’ (“Analog Bars”) and the slo but hard churn of a robot heist score (“Nobody Moves”).

“Heartware” is released in a neat double-vinyl gatefold package presenting the concept and machines involved in its making, including a twelve-page booklet featuring Italo Brutalo’s key pieces of gear.

Release Date: 12/08/2022

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