PREMIERE – Hanzo & Yaman – Suzi Jacuzzi ( Belly Dance Services)

Belly Dance Services is a brand new label formed in Vienna by Hanzo & Yaman. They kick things off in style with their own EP ‘Sirisins’ due on September 21st. We’re expecting big things from these guys, so watch this space….

Like a bright winged bird! With coquettish grin ‘Sirisins’ rave their path through nowadays unwinding
roads of harmonious seductiveness and hardcore narcism. But as whimsy and changeable their
personality may seem, they are probably just as confused as everyone else. Their weapon of choice
resembles a powerful energy source that luminously sparkles between the rising abysses of the
universe. This may not be the rear window to all satisfaction, but open it, and you might fly high to the
friendly sky’.

Release Date – 21/09/18

Grab your copy here