PREMIERE – Getaroom! – The Other Day feat. C.A.R. (Partyfine)

First and foremost, we at “Sinchi Collective” would like to wish all our fans, followers and moral believers a “Happy New Year” and our deepest gratitude for all the support in the past years and for the years to come!

Our introductory pick for 2020 is a compilation from the French studio addict “Yuksek” who has redefined the realms of disco and synth-pop with his productions or through his imprint “Party fine”. His love for the NewYork scene and French electronic music led him to collaborate with an array of iconic artists such as Moby, JD Samson, Gorillaz to name a few.

This 5th chapter of an exclusive compilation containing unreleased tracks from new members such as Dimitri from Paris, Jean Tonique, Dombrance offers a smooth blend of Party fine’s aesthetic and euphoria.

Our personal pick from this compilation is “The Other Day” by Getaroom! who joins forces with “Chloe” from C.A.R, whose eclectic vocals transcends the realms of disco. This track is a statement that “Disco” is a subjective genre and it has always been difficult to see the boundaries of the movement and all the influences it has ever had or will have on the electronic scene.

Release Date: 10/01/2020

Grab your copy here