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PREMIERE – Gem Wallow – Inside Lagoon (Samo Records)

Our yearly compilation returns with our fourth installment, Polygon, a set of 8 tracks that, as usual, go in different and intriguing musical directions.

We once again welcome a brand-new group of artists to the label: Virtue Signal starts it off with a big chord carpenter-ish track; Bustié follows with a heavy-bass electro track; Alpha Sect feat. The Hanged Man gets dark with an EBM smasher; Cavalry Stone picks up the tempo with an arpeggiated heavy-hitter; Clock Serum continues with a high-tempo Industrial/EBM smasher; NiKiT offers an electro monster; Jack Carel delivers a deep electro beast; and Gem Wallow wraps things up with a driving leftfield psychedelic number.

Compiled by Facets & Penitence

Artwork by Nikola Sladakovic

Release Date: 02/12/2022

Grab your copy here