PREMIERE – El Remolon – Afroklunker (Balam Remix) (Fertil Discos)

In 2021, El Remolón released his album “Asimétrico”. There, the producer worked with native instruments, in a folkloric expression not archetypical of defined traditional styles, where we could however trace the DNA of cumbia, vidala or chacarera. Simple uses of guitars, bombos legüeros and charangos were interwoven with criollo riffs and, when combined with electronic textures, generated a restorative, meditative and techno atmosphere at the same time. Between native experimental and global downtempo, the album featured several songs that followed each other as emotional passages.

After the preview of Los Pájaros Remixes and Asimetrico Remixes Pt.1, a new pack of reversions is released by the Argentine producer Balam with acid and slow techno sounds, Sebaschiume who gives the track “mover el cuerpo” a more experimental air and another remix of the already known Venezuelan, Moiqe, of the classic “Que Bailen” with Pol Nada, with a hypnotic and danceable rhythm.

Release Date: 02/12/2022

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