PREMIERE – Frontinn – Corporate Advertising (In their Feelings)

Based inside the creative center of Brazil, São Paulo’s city, the young Brazilian label In Their Feelings spares no effort when it comes to supporting young Latin talents. Featuring a collection of twenty tracks signed by a group of the continent’s most promising talents, bands, producers, and experiments, the collective releases it’s a new compilation, “Escape From São Paulo Vol. II”, with works from Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico, Chile, and more. The compilation presents artists that not only helped to make visible the work of producers in the region but also transformed club music with their individuality and identity.

Besides musical selection curated by Brazilian artist and one of the collective’s founder, Davis, the names comprised in this year’s edition of Escape From São Paulo includes a crew of rising female music producers and our selection for today’s premiere falls on “Frontinn”, the resident of ODD brings us “Corporate Advertising” with lush Newwave synths surrounded by a dark atmospheric reality.

Release Date: 04-09-2020

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