PREMIERE – Balam – Noches Salvajes (Bufi remix) (Hard Fist)

Hard Fist is excited to dive into Balam’s universe on the occasion of his 9th release showcasing his distinctive style.

After some appearances on our imprint, contributing to our RePhrase Collection series and our recent compilation “La Danse”, it is now the time to give Balam a proper space to express his creativity. “Chants of Pachamama” is the first part of two releases promised on Hard Fist records. Constructed like a tribute to Latin rhythms and percussion, which are central in Balam’s works, this first EP is a mix of influences coming from acid house to electronica, passing by many traditional and ancestral amazonian music roots.

In addition to those 4 originals, we are happy to welcome the Mexico-based producer Bufi, also well-known under his other alias Theus Mago, for a dark and melodic remix which sign the first collaboration of the two Latin artists and our choice for today’s premiere.

Release Date: 03/09/2020

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