PREMIERE – Foreign Sequence – We’re Here Now (Post Human France)

Post Human France a new label from Bordeaux, launches with an EP entirely composed by Foreign Sequence , the electronic alias of Tonotopy. The package rounded out with two remixes coming from Jaquarius and Mono-Enzyme 307 otherwise known by his alias Monotone known for his releases on English label Brokntoys.

In their own words, the inspiration for the label is “Humans dreaming of mechanical beings” and the aesthetics of this EP certainly follow suit with electro / idm early 90’s vibes using a P6, Sh-101, Tb-303, Tr-808 and a RS7000. Foreign Sequence digs into the techniques of the past to find the answers, showing his know-how and using it to express a multitude of emotions between nostalgia and optimism for the future.

Available via Juno