PREMIERE – Da Iguana – Sombra Selvatica (Cabizbajo Remix) (Playground Records)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the fantastic world of Da Iguana. After several releases on cool labels such as Random Collective or Serenades, Playground Records is honored to present its 39th reference from this talented French producer. ‘Sombras y Sueños’, is not only the name of the release, but also expresses part of Pierre’s personal biography. He spent some time living in Mexico where he could absorb the oniric language of rituals and the telluric forces of nature.

Before jumping in, we want to warn you about the magnetic power of this album.Five original tracks full of hypnotic rhythms, downtempo feelings, post-funk groove, organic instrumentation and folk insinuations that build one immersive imaginary jungle. A place out of time, a nowhere land. The perfect scenario for a slow motion dance out of the ordinary everyday reality.

On the remix dimension of this multiverse, Mexican Cabizbajo delivers a more housy version of ‘Sombra Selvática’ and Guatemalan Di Laif goes deep on ‘Reg Sprits’From now on, words are unnecessary. Like the king of funk used to say: “free your mind andyour ass will follow”.

Release Date: 09/09/2021

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