Machinegewehr – DeVilleneuve Feat. Gees Voorhees [AEON054]

We are happy to announce the debut EP of the Rotterdam based contemporary artist and musician Silas Schletterer aka Machinegewehr. After his track ‘The Maze’ on a well received Lost Tapes Vol. 4, he is no stranger to the AEON camp anymore. Known from his releases on Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondent and Amsterdams finest

Bordello A Parigi, Machinegewehr delivers a strong 3 track debut EP with the title ‘Nutant’. The EP kicks off with DeVilleneuve: 80’s vibes are not new to the Rotterdamer, but for this track he tried something new. A dark approach yet joyful at the same time. A modern/futuristic summer song about 2 lovers, that spend the most happy time together. For nowand forever. “Life is so much better with your soulmate by your side…” Machinegewehr says and thats the message of the song.

We are delighted the premiere the original mix, DeVilleneuve from this EP.

Release Date: 03/09/2021

Grab your copy here